Essays and Photosets

in work March 2020

This page compiles personal essays and photosets, listed chronologically, including photos of my father’s that I’ve scanned over the years. Some links are to WordPress Pages, which also appear in the drop-down menu; others are to Posts. Unlinked items are being filled in.


  • 1800s-1955: Essay: Genealogical Post: My Family Trees
    My branch of the Kelly family derives from the Isle of Man, an island between England and Ireland. My father’s ancestors arrived in northwest Illinois in 1868, and mixed with the Swedish colony already established there. My mother’s ancestors came to the US as early as 1830 from Germany; her line is a mix of French, German, English, and Swiss.
  • 1800s-present: Personal and Family Timeline
    Key dates for family events; where I lived, went to school, and worked over my life.
  • 1930s-1955: Essay: Personal History, part 1
    Short narrative summary of the above, leading to my birth in England and then the family’s relocation to California.
  • 1950s: Essay: Personal History, part 2
    Why we settled in Apple Valley, CA, the place I still most closely associate with as home.
  • Narrative with photos: Apple Valley History. About Apple Valley: the house on the hill; Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; the Apple Valley Inn.
  • 1960-1971: Essay: My Religious Upbringing, Such As It Was
  • 1965- : Essay: Growing Up with Books
    About the sets of encyclopedia and others my parents furnished; about the early books I discovered on my own.
  • ~1965: Essay: My Father’s Books and Cambridge, Illinois
    About a book called Tomorrow’s House, and background about family in Cambridge.
  • 1965-1971: Essay: 15 Ways of Buying a Book, Part 1
    How I acquired books over the years, from Scholastic catalogues at school to drugstores to actual bookstores.
  • 2014 Aside: Essay: Thoughts about Family Pics
    Comments about the extent of my father’s photos, which I am gradually exploring and scanning.
  • 2017: Essay and Photos: Trip Report: Apple Valley 2017
    With a stop at Vasquez Rocks; poking around Victorville and Apple Valley; Bell Mountain.


  • 1950-1952: Photoset: High school yearbooks of my parents, in Cambridge, Illinois.
  • 1954: Photoset: People and cars in Cambridge, Illinois, including my parents and Uncle Bob.
  • 1954-1957: Photoset: My mother’s passport.
  • ~1958: Photoset: First Apple Valley House
    My father’s photos from our first Apple Valley house, with my speculations, with maps, about exactly where it was, since it apparently doesn’t exist anymore.
  • 1959: Photoset: People at First Apple Valley House.
    Parents, me and baby Sue; visiting Kelly grandparents; me, pool, dogs, a cat; Christmas 1958.
  • 1960- : Photoset: Second Apple Valley House, Intro
    The house in 1960, and again around 1980 after remodel. Bell Mountain.
  • 1960- : Photoset: Second Apple Valley House, Photos
    11 of my father’s pics of the house, including the interior; Apple Valley sites; a birthday party.
  • 1964: Photoset: Reseda Family Pics.
    The Reseda house, many photos of Helen and kids, including new baby Kevin; our Chevelle.
  • 1982: Photoset: Second Apple Valley House, 1982
    My Uncle Bob remodeled the house in the late ’70s. These are all my photos, showing the house, the side-yard, my first car (a 1982 Honda Accord).
  • 1990: Photos: Personal History, part 3
    I visited Felixstowe, the town where my parents lived when I was born, in 1990 and took some pics.