These pages contain family photos taken by my father when I was young, and photos I’ve taken myself over the years. Initially I’ll post early family photos with some narrative about the people and places in them.

28 April 2017: here’s an outline of planned photo sets, from scans of my father’s slides, that I’ll be posting in the next few weeks.

  • 1954: Cambridge. Mostly of parents.
  • 1958: Cambridge. Parents, grandparents, cousins, me and Paula in matching suits, Sue here perhaps?
  • 1958: Apple Valley apartment. Three of the view from the apartment; three of me.
  • Narrative: Apple Valley History. The house on the hill; Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; the Apple Valley Inn.
  • 1959: First Apple Valley House. Maps to show where Apple Valley is; photos of the house and views from the house; some speculation and detective work to narrow down where the house must have been, since it doesn’t exist anymore.
  • 1959: People at First Apple Valley House. Parents, me and baby Sue; visiting Kelly grandparents; me, pool, dogs, a cat; Christmas 1958.
  • 1960: Second Apple Valley House. Only a few of the house, and of the interior; outdoor shots of Helen, me, Sue, several of Sue alone including in that blue velvet dress; my birthday cake and cars; a mysterious birthday party
  • 1960: Apple Valley Landscapes. Five landscapes; two of the road through Cajon Pass (before I-15 was built there).
  • 1960: Apple Valley Wildflowers. 20 shots, all sepia faded, maybe not worth posting.
  • 1960?: Giant Rock. Five photos of a family visit to Giant Rock, at the time operated by someone who claimed he had been visited by people from Venus.
  • 1961: Santa Monica. 19 shots, several of the house we rented there; couple of the Bigbees’ house; of father’s office building; three of Helen, toddler Sue, and baby Lisa; couple of Bel Air fire from father’s office.
  • 1962: Reseda. Four posed family portraits of parents, Mark, Sue, Lisa (presumably using camera on timer).
  • 1964: Reseda Family Pics. The Reseda house, many photos of Helen and kids, including now baby Kevin; our Chevelle.
  • a few miscellaneous others from 1964 and 1965
  • There are more as yet unscanned slides from later years: Cambridge, our Illinois house, our return to California in 1971; then family vacations in the years up until I graduated from college, in 1977, and the family moved to Tennessee in early 1978 while I stayed in California.
  • After that there are many boxes of slides — still in their small yellow cardboard boxes they come in from the developing shop — of Tennessee and family events there.
  • The earliest of my own photos start around 1979, when I acquired my own camera. These have not yet been scanned; they’re glossy snapshots mounted in photo albums. These include photos of Uncle Bob, Grammie, Sue, and Lisa at the time; and a set of photos from my visit to Tullahoma in ’79 or ’80, some of the house, some of Kevin playing the piano or playing with the dog (Tina, the Samoyed).

Somewhere around 1995 I organized all my own snapshots, along with older prints acquired from my family, and put them into photo albums, discarding duplicates, poor pictures, and all the negatives. Actually there was probably an earlier phase, of two albums, with five later ones compiled in ’95. Here’s a rough inventory of what’s in those:

Photo albums

#1, square spine, white

  • Birthplace
  • 3 of family xmas, 1966
  • Nice pic of Reseda house
  • 2 of staff at Vanalden Elementary School, where I attended 2nd through 6th grades (not sure how I acquired these; they weren’t photos I took)
  • 6 pages of family photos, including
    • Kevin, Lisa, and Sue from some drive we did – a mystery here
    • Thanksgiving in Apple Valley w/Uncle Bob, Grammie, and Sue
  • 6 pages of Tullahoma trip, including Kevin at piano, playing with dog
  • 2 pages of trip to space center in Huntsville
  • Pics of Uncle Bob and his house
  • 2 pics of Taro
  • Philip Klutch, my high school/college buddy and carpool partner
  • Pics of Grammie and child at some backyard party at Sue’s in Arleta; whose child would this have been?
  • A white cat of Grammie’s, in Apple Valley
  • Pics of Larry and his art objects
  • 6 pages pics of Apple Valley house and area (~1980 after Uncle Bob’s remodel)
  • Pics on drive home from AV in Uncle Bob’s car – at the time, his Mazda RX-7 — past snowy mountains
  • 4 more pages of AV house and area
  • 4 pics wildflowers
  • Pics of my car, Uncle Bob’s Mazda, dad’s camper, dad and Steve and camp kitchen – apparently some post-1982 trip that my father took back to California, and met up with all of us (including Sue’s husband Steve Corbett)
  • 6 pages of AV house, neighbor dog, weather, wildflowers
  • Pics of two of my bicycles
  • Pics taken on my bicycle trips, including 118 freeway under construction
  • 9 pages pics from bicycle rides, including Mulholland Drive, Venice beach
  • 1 page, 4 pics of bicycle group at Venice Beach
  • 4 pages from 1984 Worldcon, including Connie Willis, Greg Bear, et al
  • 3 pages my first car, new and later after hit and run
  • 1 page pics from some mountain drive
  • 1 page pics of Griffith observatory, CSUN library, condos at UC Irvine (where I visited my UCLA friend Philip Klutch, there in grad school)
  • 7 pics my first apartment, my bicycle, my stereo
  • 8 pages pics of my first job and others who worked there
    • Including shot of me w/birthday cake
  • 7 pages pics of CSUN library job and people there – including keypunch machine
  • 8 pages pics of Rocketdyne job and people, including desk (with no computer monitor or keyboard at all – needs explaining), open house in factory; party at Sally Freudenthal’s house, with Bernie Adamson holding his infant son upside down, by his feet.

#2, square spine, blue

  • 8 photos at the San Fernando Mission; nice gardens
  • 3 photos of some air show in Palmdale
  • 30 pics wildflowers taken on one of my long bike rides
  • 9 photos Devil’s Punchbowl, one with my first car, a Honda Accord hatchback, visible (so ~1982)
  • 15 photos poppies and other desert wildflowers
  • 58 photos of Yosemite, on trip with Kevin – three or four showing my car; three or four showing Kevin. Had to be 1982 to 1984; scenery includes Mt Whitney, as we returned down 395 south.
  • 26 photos visit to ‘Slick Six’ launch facility on the California coast near Lompoc, in Vandenberg AFB, then under construction; the facility was meant to launch the space shuttle (!) but was abandoned due to budget constraints
  • 71 photos from 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, including parades, decorations, the Hollywood sign lit up in different colors, and from the one event I attended – a preliminary men’s diving trial, at USC, paying close attention to Greg Louganis.
  • 4 photos from San Francisco hotel, on my first visit to this city, with Larry Kramer; this is the same hotel, I later realized, where key scenes in Vertigo were filmed.
  • 23 photos from the return from that SF trip, down route 1, through Big Sur; the rugged coastline
  • 20 photos of a small brush fire near the 2nd Apple Valley house, in 1983, with low-flying planes dropping the red fire-retardant chemicals
  • ~20 photo collage, of seeing a shuttle landing, out on the dry lakebed near Edward’s AFB – hundreds or thousands of people would arrive the night before and sleep over to see the early morning landing. And then everyone would leave at once –huge traffic jam.
  • 6 photos from 1987 Rocketdyne open house, showing the SSME controller, my own desk now with keyboard and monitor
  • 8 photos from an Oct ‘1987 drive on my own, in my new 1988 Honda Prelude, north from Ojai and through Sisquoc valley
  • One spectacular photo of the effects from a Vandenberg launch at sunset, Fall ’87, a 1-second handheld exposure from Tarzana, with many colors
  • Thanksgiving ’87, another trip with Larry Kramer to San Francisco, and then Monterey – 16 photos of Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey coast, two of my then new car.
  • Spring ’88, 2 photos of sky effects from another Vandenberg launch, here just weird contrails, in black and white
  • 1988, handful of photos showing my first home PC setup, with desk; a couple photos of me
  • 29dec88: 4 photos from drive to Lake Arrowhead
  • Feb ’89: 22 photos of my first trip to Mammoth, with a group of friends, showing the condo, the snow, the friends
  • 8feb89: 7 photos of light snowfall in Tarzana, including two of Alan Podmore – my protégé at the time; much later my boss – then with relatively lots of hair.

grey-colored round-edge album

  • March ’89: 47 photos from trip to Norwescon SF convention in Tacoma; then driving rental car around Tacoma and Seattle
  • Late 1990, I believe after Boston Worldcon: 19 photos of coastline villages north of Boston
  • 1991: 53 photos from a Mammoth trip, including a drive to the local hotsprings, and pics of people on the trip having lunch at the ski lodge
  • 1991: 23 photos of a trip to Chicago with late friend Howard Faye, including one of me at the top of then Sears Tower, several of Howard, one in which he reads Foucault
  • Also 1991? 20 photos of Worldcon in Chicago, and photos from my drive out to the Glen Ellyn house, where my family lived from 1968 to 1971; my high school then; Morton Arboretum; flight home
  • Fall 1992, in Cambridge Illinois after my grandfather’s death: 27 photos, with many shots of the Cambridge house, including basement and attic; of the houses next door of my Aunt Betty, and my cousin Christine; of cousins, their kids, Aunt Betty, Uncle Bruce, Great-Aunt Maude

red-colored round-edge album

  • 1989: 15 photos of my first house in Granada Hills – co-owned with roommate Larry Kramer (until he bought me out and bought his own place in the late ‘90s)
  • 28 more photos of house after a year or two, including our first cat, Schrodinger
  • Oct ’92: 15 more photos of house, outside and inside, my office and computer, and Schrodinger and then our second cat, gray and white striped Mr. Kitty
  • Jan ’94: 67 photos of aftermath of the Northridge earthquake: at work, at home, on a friend’s (John Wong’s) street. Photos include Alan Podmore and Jere Brunton
  • Undated: 12 photos of a helicopter ride that Alan Podmore and I took, for work, to travel from Canoga Park to another then-Rockwell facility in Downey. Shots of downtown, the many homes in the hills, etc.

copper colored round-edge album

  • 19aug90: my first Europe trip, three photos from plane somewhere over Greenland, mountains and glaciers
  • Same trip, 30 photos of Amsterdam
  • Same trip, 12 photos from World SF Convention in Den Haag, including our seaside hotel at Scheveningen, the convention inside the Congressgebouw, the Locus table at the convention, a covert illegal photo of spectacular painting by Polish artist Lies Jonkers, and fireworks off the pier by our hotel
  • Same trip, 26 photos of London – British Museum, St. James Park, etc etc, — including one of me
  • Same trip, 6 photos at King’s College, Cambridge University
  • Same trip, we visit my birthplace in Felixstowe: 27 photos of the village, the seafront, the sea, RAF Woodbridge (where my father was stationed), and Phyllis Memorial Maternity Home, in Melton, where I was born; plus one of our rental car, a nice little Rover
  • Same trip, returning: 8 photos from the plane, Hudson Bay, Hoover Dam, Big Bear Lake identifiable
  • May ’89, trip to Death Valley, to support a Death Valley to Mt Whitney bike ride my friends were riding in (I didn’t ride): 42 photos, including several of striking landscapes (worth scanning); others of my friends in their biking outfits, along the way and at the finish line
  • June ’90: a personal drive out to Palm Springs and then back around through Lake Hemet, and the desert east of Johnson Valley – striking landscapes; 9 photos
  • July ’90: 15 photos of trip to Las Vegas with bicycle club friends – photos are only of Boulder City, Hoover Dam, including a tour inside.

blue round-edge album

  • 1993 Europe trip with friends Neil Johnson and Dave Abernathy: 151 photos of Paris, including a visit with a local runners’ group; Berlin; driving the Autobahn, to Luxembourg; Zurich; Swiss banks; drive to Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern; taking train to Italy; Milan and Il Duomo; and a set of photos from a gay pride parade in Berlin
  • 1995 Europe trip with John Wong: following Worldcon in Glasgow, we rented a car and drove north into the Scottish Highlands, and then along Loch Lomond and Loch Ness; took a train to the Lake District in England; and then to London. 68 photos.

green round-edged album

  • 1994 trip to Catalina Island with John Wong and Shayne Bell. 25 photos, a couple including me.
  • 1994 trip to New York City, accompanying John Wong on his business trip. We climbed the Statue of Liberty. 19 photos
  • 1994 Mammoth trip, with John Wong included now among other friends. 11 photos, including a couple of me, wearing a tiny gold left-ear ear ring at the time.

I also have print snapshots from the late ‘90s that were never put into photo albums, still mostly in envelopes:

’95 or ’96?

  • 15 photos of dirty empty swimming pool at Granada Hills house (after ’94 quake?), of me in backyard, including couple of me with my laptop at the time, and me at my computer desk
  • no envelope, 2 self-photos, looking a bit like John Scalzi

Jan. ’96

  • 24 photos of the Mammoth Group [a group of gay friends who went skiing at Mammoth once or twice a year, that I joined for nearly a decade, though I never took to skiing] visiting Convict Lake, south of there

June ’97:

  • 25 photos of me with Mammoth group on a summer trip to Yosemite, including John Wong and Hoi Luk
  • another envelope w/6 photos of me, John, Hoi
  • another 24 photos of group at tent-cabin site in Yosemite valley

August ’99:

  • 22 photos, mostly landscapes, from New Zealand trip w/Charles N. Brown and local fan
  • no envelope, 10 photos of garden area near the Sydney Opera House, several of me, also statues
  • (but why none other photos from that entire trip? None from Melbourne, the convention there, downtown Sydney, or from the drive between Melbourne and Sydney via Canberra… did I have other photos and lost them?)

My earliest digital pics were of conventions or trips, posted on Locus Online

July 2000:

November 2000:

Beginning 2000 or 2001, digital pics I’ve compiled on my hard drive, with a few posted on Locus Online or Fb:


  • 26 family pics, from some gathering at my house with Kevin, Sue, Lisa, and their families, some in my house, some in the big dim sum restaurant in LA’s Chinatown
  • 115 pics, Nebula Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, plus a side trip to Harlan Ellison’s house in Sherman Oaks with Philip Jose Farmer, Charles N. Brown, and Gary K. Wolfe (since I had a car and those three had all flown in from out of town) – the only time I’ve ever been to Harlan Ellison’s house; photos at the event, of many luminaries, etc. [ some posted here: ]
  • November: 18 photos, a Thanksgiving drive with Yeong (whom I’d just met that May) to San Francisco, in his just-new car; the Golden Gate Bridge; a short trip north to the Muir Woods [another Vertigo location!]


  • June: 36 photos of Charles N. Brown’s 65th birthday party, at his house in Oakland
  • June: 19 pics from trip to Hawaii w/Yeong, Maui
  • July: 5 photos of Locus Awards ceremony, that year in Portland OR
  • August: 16 pics of Writers of the Future ceremony and winners, at the event in Hollywood
  • August: 90 pics of Hugo Awards ceremony at the World SF Convention in San Jose, the year I won the Hugo, with many pics of winners, of my trophy, etc. (including one still linked from the bottom of the Locus Online homepage, at )
  • November: 5 photos of winners of World Fantasy Awards, plus 2 of Yeong


  • April: 38 pics from Nebula Awards weekend in Philadelphia, including attending authors: Philip Klass, Connie Willis, James Morrow, Greg Feeley, Neil Gaiman, et al
  • April: 24 pics trip to Zion and Bryce with Yeong, including scenery and us as weary hikers
  • May: 12 pics of Locus party at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, with Locus staff, and attending authors: Connie Willis, KSR, Terry Bisson
  • Oct: 7 photos of view from Medina house in Woodland Hills, including the one used at the top of my blog for many years


  • Undated, 16 photos of the Medina house, now fully furnished after our move-in in August 2003
  • April: 8 pics of winners and other attendees at Asimov’s/Analog readers’ awards luncheon in Seattle (held in association with the Nebula Awards that year)


  • Beginning this year all photos are much higher resolution, files around 700 kb rather than 100kb; a new digital camera, obviously
  • August: 100 photos of Yeong’s and my trip to Europe: Amsterdam and Paris. Includes photo of me in front of the Rijksmuseum that I still use as my Fb pic.
  • November: 9 photos from World Fantasy Con (but all are blurry or distorted, not sure why)
  • Dec: 17 photos of trip to Mammoth in Yeong’s Ford Explorer, along with his work friends; pics mostly of digging his truck out of a lot of snow
  • Dec: 15 photos of day-drive from Palm Springs south along the Salton Sea, with Yeong, to San Diego; plus a couple of air craft carrier in San Diego
  • Dec: 31 photos of family at Christmas including Yeong, Jimmy, Michael, me; plus work friends of Yeong’s with new baby


  • Oct: 12 photos from trip to Provincetown w/Y, the week before World Fantasy Con in Saratoga Springs NY (we also stopped by Walden Pond, no pics from there?)


  • Sept: 149 photos from cruise to Alaska with Yeong, including helicopter flight to Mendenhall glacier, a train trip to gold country, seeing glaciers from the ship, the cruise ship itself, totem poles
  • Misc: some pics of Yeong’s family; kids at swim competition; stacks of my books


  • Feb: 28 photos of my home office at the time; some were posted on my blog, at, but the links now don’t work—the directory on seems to have been removed.


  • 33 photos of my 2003 BMW 330i, as I was getting ready to sell it; including a few photos of the ramps I built inside our garage, so I could get the car inside the garage over a steep driveway
  • Dec: 315 photos from our cruise among the Hawaiian Islands – Yeong, his two boys, and me, beginning on Oahu (Waikiki Beach; a rented condo along that island’s southwest coast); Maui; the big Island (including a submarine ride in Kona; Kauai (a beach; the north shore from the cruise ship)

Throughout these years, occasional photos taken on my digital cam, at conventions and awards events, and posted on Locus Online.

Apparently nothing from 2011 or 2012

Photos on my iPhone (and in the Cloud)

  • Jan 2013: 8 photos of Woodley Avenue Park, with migrating birds in the lake (at least one posted on Fb)
  • Apr 2013: 27 photos of trip to Ireland w/Yeong, including photos along Cliffs of Moher (some already posted here,, and here, )
  • May 2013: 32 photos of demolition and rebuild of front steps at Medina house
  • May 2013: a couple photos of finished steps, and Yeong’s family visits
  • Aug 2013: 16 photos from trip to Exposition Park to see Endeavour; some of these posted on my blog, at
  • Feb 2015: 2 photos of still mostly empty Oakland house; several more of sunsets from that house
  • May 2015: 12 photos from tearout of Woodland Hills house, to repair mold issues
  • Oct 2016: many sets of photos from our cruise to Europe, from Lisbon to Rome, the best ones already posted on my blog – see, entries from 4 Oct 2016 to 21 Oct 2016
  • Since then, misc photos of restaurants, day drives to local hills, etc