This is a temporary in-work page to hang new memoir and photoset pages from, until everything is done and ready to reveal. When complete this will replace the current Essays and Photosets page under About.

Do we have any kind of *title* for this memoir, if it were a book..?

Introduction: Two Quotes, Two Intents, Two Conclusions, Two Reasons (716)

Family History and Photos

Personal History and Photos


  • potential: psychological insights in later years (see PersonalEssaysChrono.doc)
  • potential: about early TV and movies (see PersonalEssaysChrono.doc)
  • potential: personal profile and philosophy, from journal at age 24
  • also: more about SF? Hour 25 and whatnot? Some of this already in sf sidebar
  • more about SF conventions in particular?
  • note some other comments in (see PersonalEssaysChrono.doc) at the bottom

(be sure this include discussion of triggers, like those mentioned at end of (see PersonalEssaysChrono.doc)