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The human mind is the product of millions of years of evolution that have optimized our species for survival, but which is only incidentally, where it does not conflict with survival, an accurate perception of the real world. This is because the human environment spans only the tiniest sliver of the vast universe mentioned above, and because the human mind exhibits many mental biases, as detected by psychological research in recent decades, that are useful in promoting survival, even as they are to some extent delusions about reality. Thus, we see intent in inanimate objects; we see patterns and images where no relationships or objects exist (pareidolia); we are inclined to dehumanize or demonize other humans who are different from us in any way; we regard ourselves and those within our group as inordinately special; our memories are fallible and given toward self-enhancement.

And especially, the human mind is biased toward narrative as a template for interpreting all phenomena: that things have a beginning, middle, and an end, that every effect must have a cause, that “everything happens for a reason”.