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Resistance to these historic trends is driven by subconscious, evolutionary-motivated fears and desires about maintaining social cohesion among one’s group against threats that might undermine the group’s religious or ideological narrative (and thus threaten survival). Such conservative resistance ranges from active denial and deliberate misrepresentation of the evidence for item #1 (though only about those topics that directly impugn the central position in the universe such people feel humanity occupies); religious inculcation of children, and the shielding of them from outside influences that would threaten their parents’ worldview, and the blanket denial of education in some cultures to especially girls; shunning religious apostates even in one’s own family; missionaries and street preachers to convert the heathen and spread the good news; government censorship of opinions that challenge ideological orthodoxy; the humiliation, re-education, or killing of intellectuals by revolutionaries (Bangladesh, China); to the extremes of killing bloggers and journalists who challenge social norms, and terrorists driven to destroy ‘infidels’ who do not submit to the religious standards of their own society.

The same trend, in a non-resistant way, applies to anyone who writes a book, or maintains a website, with the implicit intention of passing on their views about the world to others, hoping their ideas will resonate with other people and inform their worldview, as a kind of generational education.