March 2018: these pages are currently being reorganized. Recent reviews are being listed on pages below this one, organized by theme.

Below are reviews of books and films posted on this blog, since mid-2013; not yet including anything from the earlier 2003-2013 blog.

Best (most recommended) books are in bold.


Adler & Van Doren, How to Read a Book
Angier, Natalie, The Canon
Asimov, Isaac, The Roving Mind
Barker, Dan, Life Driven Purpose
Boghossian, Peter, A Manual for Creating Atheists
Carroll, Sean, The Big Picture; (see also earlier video)
Christina, Greta, Why Are You Atheists So Angry?
Dennett, Daniel C., Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking [note, have not yet finished book]
Ellenberg, Jordan, How Not to Be Wrong; part 2; part 3
Gilovich, Thomas, How We Know What Isn’t So
Gilovich & Ross, This Wisest One in the Room; part 2
Grayling, A.C., The God Argument (also opening paragraph)
Haidt, Jonathan, The Righteous Mind; part 2; part 3
Hawking & Mlodinow, The Grand Design
Kahane, Howard, Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric
Kalanithi, Paul, When Breath Becomes Air
Kolbert, Elizabeth, The Sixth Extinction
Lee, Adam, Daylight Atheism
Lightman, Alan, The Accidental Universe
Lindsay, James A., Everybody is Wrong About God
Loftus, John, The Outsider Test for Faith
McRaney, David, You Are Not So Smart
McRaney, David, You Are Now Less Dumb; part 2
Mooney, Chris, The Republican Brain
Pratchett, Stewart, & Cohen, The Science of Discworld
Rovelli, Carlo, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
Sacks, Oliver, Gratitude
Sagan, Carl, The Cosmic Connection
Sagan, Carl, Varieties of Scientific Experience
Silverman, David, Fighting God
Thomas, Lewis, Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler’s Ninth Symphony
Thomas, Lewis, The Lives of a Cell
Thorne, Kip, The Science of Interstellar
Weinberg, Steven, To Explain the World
Wilson, E. O., Consilience; part 2; part 3 (note, finished the book but not notes)
Wilson, E. O., The Meaning of Human Existence; part 2; part 3; part 4; part 5
Zuckerman, Phil, Living the Secular Life


Beukes, Lauren, The Shining Girls
Doctorow, Cory, Homeland
King, Stephen, Revival
Liu, Cixin, The Three-Body Problem
McDevitt & Resnick, The Cassandra Project
Morrow, James, The Madonna and the Starship
Reynolds, Alastair, Slow Bullets
Robinson, Kim Stanley, Aurora; follow-up
Roth, Philip, Indignation
Steele, Allen, Arkwright
Weir, Andy, The Martian
Wilson, Robert Charles, The Affinities

SF-related Nonfiction

Robinson, Frank, Science Fiction of the 20th Century
Walton, Jo, What Makes This Book So Great
Wollheim, Donald A., The Universe Makers

films & tv

12 Years a Slave
Assignment Outer Space
The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
Dallas Buyers Club
The Danish Girl
The Imitation Game
Inherit the Wind
Interstellar; more
It’s a Wonderful Life
Jonny Quest
Journey to the Beginning of Time
Magic in the Moonlight
The Martian
The Revenant