I was 11 years old in 1966 when the original Star Trek series debuted. I followed the show devotedly, though in those days the family had no color TV and so I saw it in black and white. Later, when the show went into syndicated reruns (typically 5 days a week), I became obsessed by the show and watched it as often as possible (by this time in color!) through my high school and college years. Eventually I moved on to other concerns, and while I watched some of the later TV series and Trek movies, I’m devoted only to the original series.

After some decades, in 2017 I began a systematic rewatch of the series on Blu-Ray, armed with my collection of related books and a trio of recent books by Marc Cushman, and the recently released the complete soundtrack collection. Below are links to those sources, then to the first season episodes, with some introductory and concluding comments (not quite done). Second season soon.


Episode annotations:

Overview essays: