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Update Oct. '98:

This page is cited in James Patrick Kelly's ''On the Net'' column in the October/November '98 Asimov's Science Fiction, so I feel compelled to post this update: that, in fact, this page is not being updated. I created it a couple months before debuting the Locus Online website, and then added some of my columns a few months later, but have not updated it since until now. Why not? Two reasons: one, all my creative energies are going into Locus Online; and two, to update webpages on CompuServe requires a special Web Publishing Wizard, rather than a generic FTP program, and using it is obnoxious. Really obnoxious.

Anyway, there are indeed several of my short fiction review columns posted here (see below), but no new ones are being posted. After posting the first few (in June '97) I redesigned Locus Online (in October '97) to include a short fiction review page, where I post thumbnail reviews of current stories. Not the same as the full column, perhaps, but then neither are the full book reviews by Locus's other reviewers posted on the website. For now this distinction between magazine and website will be maintained: the website excerpts highlights, but there's more in the magazine.

The database referred to by James Patrick Kelly is technically not on this Compuserve site, it's on and is the Locus Poll database (and is linked from Locus Online, the Internet Science Fiction Database, and perhaps other places). This was a one-shot deal that has not been updated since 1996, but it will form the core of an extensive SF awards database that will be added to Locus Online just as soon as I get around to it. (I have all the data in a database; it's just a matter of setting up the webpages, updating queries to generate the listings, indices, and ''quirky tallies'', etc.) For now, you might as well go back to Locus Online. (If anyone really wants those pics from my childhood, theories of life, and so, let me know. No one has yet.)

Chief claim to fame:

I write "Distillations", a monthly column of short fiction reviews in Locus, the "newspaper of the science fiction field". For this role I was named one of the "50 most powerful people in science fiction" in an article in SF Age magazine, July 1993. I've recently launched the website for Locus at

The last few installments of "Distillations" are available here:
Jan 97 Feb 97 Mar 97 Apr 97 May 97 Jun 97 Jul 97
If anyone has a burning desire to read see older installments (they go back to 1988), let me know, I can convert them too. For a cumulative list of 1997 stories recommended in the above columns, see this page at the Locus website.

Also in work:

I'm compiling a database of SF awards. A portion of this data, consisting of Locus poll results, is on line at Here you can see listings of the annual poll results, indices by person and title, and interesting tallies and statistics.

And, of course:

I'm compiling lists of my favorite CDs, photos from my childhood, theories of life, and other such material that is de rigueur for a personal website. Check back often.

Meanwhile, in real life...

I'm a mild-mannered software engineer at a rocket engine factory in southern California. I do websites there, too. (But they're behind firewalls, so you can't see them.)

I can be reached by email at or


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