Monthly Archives: August 2004

All Right, I’m Actually Starting to Become Slightly Annoyed

Something happened overnight. This morning, there were 1100 new emails in my inbox–99.2% of them spam–the total previously typical for an entire day (where the nighttime hours were relatively slow). From this morning to this afternoon, another 1200. The spam rate has suddenly doubled. Anyone else noticed this???

Thanks for the responses to my earlier post, and suggestions; I’ll check them out. I’ve got to do *something*.

Title Seen While Compiling Bestsellers

Without further comment:

Tales from the Time Loop: The Most Comprehensive Expose of the Global Conspiracy Ever Written and All You Need to Know to Be Truly Free

This is on Amazon Canada’s Top 100 list at #94, at the moment.


I’m up to about 1200 spam emails a day — about 600 between the time I leave for work in the morning, and the time I get home, and another 600 between then and when I get up the next morning.

I’ve resisted filters because of the risk of missing valid emails.. as discussed in today’s NYT.

It takes 15-20 minutes to scroll down through the inbox and delete the junk, each evening and each morning, before I can look at and respond to the valid emails (which amount to a couple a dozen each day). It’s not quite prohibitive so far, but it’s half an hour a day or more that I could be doing something more productive.