Monthly Archives: March 2013


Still enraptured by Frank Ocean’s epic song Pyramids — best exegesis I’ve seen is in the right sidebar of this lyrics page. I keep thinking, what is ‘the pyramid’ in the latter day, second half, of the song? It might of course be the Luxor in Las Vegas. But I keep thinking of the futuristic pyramids, a more abstract concept of fantastic wealth, in Blade Runner. Probably just me.

And I like the following song, “Lost”, very much too.


Sfadb is now pretty much up to speed with latest awards results, with numerous entries posted in the past week, with cover images and updated nominee indexing. The procedures for this in my databases are smoothing out each time.

It’s about time to start posting the next phase of sfadb. This week. Keep tuned.

Locus Interface

Hosted Locus Magazine design editor Francesca Myman this past weekend, from Thursday night to Sunday noon. She flew down from the Bay Area to visit friends and family, and also to hang out with me and take notes for a couple days about how I run the website. She was suitably impressed by our view, and by my facility with Microsoft Access (which generates many of the pages on the website). Her [Locus's] interest was entirely justified — in the hit-by-a-bus scenario, or equivalent, Locus HQ has had no idea about how to maintain the website, which actually draws many more views per month than the magazine has subscribers; and so I am happy to document my procedures, which I’ve already done to some extent, so that in such a catastrophic event, the website might go on…

I’ve been posting on Facebook, off and on, more than I’ve kept up posts here, but I’m thinking about how to revive my blog here. Have had time to do more reading, lately….

Currently enraptured by Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange.