1957 Apple Valley Apartment

I have no direct memories of this place when I lived there; how old was I? Two? So I’m guessing 1957.

For a brief period when my parents and I landed in Apple Valley, CA, we lived in an apartment one street up from the main drag along Highway 18 in “the village” area of the town. It would have been on Arapahoe Avenue. A couple photos show the northwest view toward Bell Mountain, and the northeast view, and the last one shows me outside of the apartment building (a single story row of 5 or 6 apartments).

As I recall, once we moved to the rental house in the northeast corner of the valley (“First Apple Valley House”) my grandmother, Grammie, lived in this same apartment for a while. This might have been two or three years later. I do remember her furnishings in this apartment, her little green footstool, playing the card game “King’s Corners,” and my playing outside in the sand with little plastic cars.

These are scans of photo slides from my father’s metal boxes of slides.

Years later, on my last visit to Apple Valley in 2018, I found what I’m certain is the apartment building, here photographed from the back. The fences weren’t there earlier.