Work today, three meetings, meaning not enough time between them to accomplish much of anything except respond to email and shuffle papers. I’ll be at work tomorrow too, in anticipation of taking all of next week off as vacation for the trip to DC and World Fantasy Con.

Pink sunlight today through the smoke from brush fires 50 miles to the east of here–as commented on by David Gerrold; homes burned in Rancho Cucamonga.

Traffic at Locus Online has been rising steadily the past few weeks–as I’ve been able to manage regular updates more reliably, following the disruption of my move over the summer. Over 8000 unique visitors every day this week so far. I’ll expect a Friday dip, and a bigger dip on Saturday, always the slowest day of the week.

Am thinking much about what kind of content to post here. I wrote voluminous journals for 20 years, beginning in my teens, so it’s not that I can’t think of anything to write about, just trying to think what I can write about that would make someone bother to check on yet another blog. Further thoughts on this soon. I think Y and I will check out another local restaurant this evening.

More design tweaks today–fonts.

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