Return to Villa Medina

Here’s one thing Charles Brown taught me: use a credit card that accumulates frequent flyer miles for every amount purchased; use the miles to upgrade — not to buy — but to upgrade a purchased economy class ticket. That gets you first class on most flights. I did that for the flight from LA to Boston and back (though the upgrade wasn’t confirmed until the last minute–at check-in, each time).

What could be better than flying first class? You sit in a comfy chair, with food and drink supplied regularly, and read a book for 4 or 5 hours uninterrupted!

I don’t fly frequently — once or twice a year — and the scheme doesn’t always work; depending on availability, how far ahead you book your reservation. It did this time.

I returned to the palatial Villa Medina to find that my domestic partner had rearranged furniture and hosted a party for his work associates in my absence, which was entirely appropriate for reasons not to be detailed here.

World Fantasy Con? Still a perhaps.

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