Ah, another letter writer today, responding to John Shirley’s social roundable, simply declines to believe my statement yesterday that Shirley invited a broad range of writers to participate but that the several of those on the ‘right’ whom he invited declined. We are accused of ‘systematically silenc[ing]‘ voices of dissent. Sigh. It’s always useful to keep in mind that most people who bother to write letters are those who have some sort of complaint; they are not representative of the entire readership. However, though I’m not planning to actively pursue this, I will state for the record that I would be happy to consider a similar roundtable from the ‘other side’, if anyone would care to submit something, or even suggest names of spokesmen they would approve of (which none of the letter writers has); and I would be happy to post letters by anyone who cares to debate the substance of the roundtable, rather than dismissing it as ‘left-wing views’ and evidence of the liberal media, blah blah blah. Anyone?

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