My friend’s neighbor’s brother’s accountant saw a movie star last week…

On Tuesday we had a big rainstorm here in LA, pounding through the night and lingering with thunderstorms the next afternoon, rare circumstances for southern California where rain, when it does happen, is more typically described as extended drizzles. I discovered leaks in the house I’d not previously known.

Monday a film crew worked all day at my neighbor’s house. Film crews are a routine in SoCal; you can’t avoid seeing them from time to time while driving past boulevard shops or private residences. This time, my neighbor, whose house has a sleek contemporary design, hosted a cable movie crew for a day. Big white diesel trucks full of filming equipment started pulling up about 6 a.m., amidst early morning rain. Later, when I got home from work, the film crews were all inside the house, though I could see some action through the windows at the back. A cable movie involving stars I had never heard of, according to my neighbor. By 8 p.m. or so they entirely and efficiently vanished. Good timing, before the Tuesday deluge.

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