Amused today to see an op-ed graphic in The New York Times — which unfortunately I can’t link to, but at the moment it’s linked from the opinion page in the third column on the heading ‘Op-Chart’.

Also, via Making Light, textbook disclaimer stickers.

It rained in LA yesterday, and perhaps because the infrastructure here is more fragile than in other areas of the country (or perhaps I simply have a bad phone line), my DSL was flaky all day. I did however experiment with server side includes and Blogger settings to generate site feeds, setting up templates for blog-based versions of Blinks and the main news/reviews column that would be sucked in to a new shtml-named homepage. Thanks to those who sent suggestions of products to try. Blogger isn’t ideal (and it’s often slow), but whether I use it for now or find something else to try, I hope to have some new scheme set up, providing RSS (or Atom) feeds, in the next few days.

And yes, Anonymous, I know I need to clean up many of my links. As it happens, I’m about half-way through an overhaul of the authors links page, checking those I already have (most are still valid), and adding hundreds more. And databasing them rather than hand-editing the links page. And perhaps merging that page with the interview index page, or… Hmm.

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