Robot’s Revenge

Commenter Tad points out an existing Locus RSS feed at, and in my experiments with RSS readers last night I stumbled across such a feed myself (don’t remember if it was the same one). Apparently there are robots that troll the web and generate feeds for sites that don’t provide them! So why am I bothering!? Hmm.

Well, because automating the process of updating the homepage will save me time in the long run, and make it easier to post even more content; and I’ve set up a Blinks feed too. OTOH, I don’t see providing full text of articles via a feed, as one commenter suggested, just the title and text that appears on the homepage. I’d prefer you to click to the site for full details…

I’ve had a couple recommendations for WordPress, and one warning about Movable Type. I’ll keep exploring. Meanwhile, I’ve reformatted the temporary new homepage,, using lots of div tags, no embedded tables or font tags at all, and a revised style sheet. It needed doing, though the presence of table tags within posts that I was worried about doesn’t seem to bother the mobileread feed generator.

Addendum after initial post: Blogger was so slow midday today, as I revised templates for the two new blogs, that I was tempted to shoot my PC just to put it out of its misery. But this evening it’s lickety split.

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