Several commentators to the previous post said yes, Hero and House of Flying Daggers *are* fantasy, of a particular variety (‘wuxia’), which is fine, I won’t dispute that. So then, is Kill Bill fantasy? :) I’d say no, at least not in the same sense; KB is a metamovie about other movies, more than it’s a movie of any particular genre. I finally saw KB2 after being less than overwhelmed by KB1, but I felt the second half redeemed the first. Though I admit my initial reaction was: Uma Thurman–best actress!

On another topic, I’ve been on the lookout for the John Scalzi novel Old Man’s War for several weeks now, since I read Scalzi’s blog and he’s been crowing about its appearances at various retail outlets; and it sounds like a fun book, and the starred PW review doesn’t hurt. But it hasn’t appeared at any of the several Borders or Barnes & Nobles’ in my area that I circulate among. Today I finally queried the Borders database: sold out(!), it says. Without ever a copy having passed through their stores, apparently. OK, fine. I came home and ordered it from Amazon.

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