It Pours

Lots of rain here in the southland the past few days; today saw the first sunshine since last Thursday. I realize we in SoCal must seem pretty wimpy, to complain about a few days rain and whine about mudslides and collapsed houses, compared to those in the north and east who live with months of hard winter every year. So I’m not complaining about the several new leaks in my house; after all, there are plastic buckets catching drips where I work, and at Barnes & Noble. Fortunately, it doesn’t rain this hard very often in beautiful Southern California. On the other hand, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those folk in La Conchita, up the coast between Ventura and Santa Barbara, who’ve lived beneath a hillside that previously collapsed in 1995, yet who’ve stayed there — who were still there this past weekend after days of heavy rain — and got inundated by mud. Were they just… feeling lucky?

Today I finished setting up 2005 Directory pages, with a somewhat revised layout and color scheme, and applied the same layout and scheme to the 2004 pages. (Compare the 2003 Directory.) Suggestions for further improvement always welcome.

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