Tally Options

After a couple days of e-mail exchanges among various expert consultants about this year’s special Locus poll category for ‘best all-time fantasy story’, a much-expanded version of the form for this category has been posted– https://secure.locusmag.com/2005/Issues/02FantasyStoryPoll.html. The initial 50-title seed list has been replaced by a list of nearly 300 titles, drawn from awards winners, expert recommendations, and classic anthologies. Since the presence of suggested titles, by means of drop-down boxes or a nominee list, might easily be seen as influencing the voting, anyone who submitted votes from the earlier form is invited to resubmit their votes, if they choose to do so, after considering the expanded list of suggestions.

Compiling and formatting this list has, however, spent my available website time for today, and so the special-to-Locus-Online best-of-year essays by Claude and Jeff promised earlier will be delayed another day or two.

85 email ballots have been received so far from the main poll & survey form–an impressive beginning, it strikes me, though I don’t have last year’s results to compare against. (I’ve changed computers since then.)

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