What Was in the Mystery Package

1) A CD Rom, with a loose yellow paper label beginning “I am converted to you, Children mine!”

2) A cover letter, of sorts, with a five-pointed star graphic in the header aligned with Russian text; and in Roman text, an 11-page letter, decorated by religious icon graphics, beginning “I am, God Supreme, your Father meet your” [sic] and signed on the first sheet “God Supreme”; paperclipped to a turquoise slip with text beginning “Only what I want from my Children it have been understand me.” [sic], and a pink slip with header “Message you Creator messenger” [sic] followed by Russian text and a handwritten telephone number 8(443) 29-54-91, followed by “GOD SUPREME” and further Russian text.

3) Several sheets of English text, beginning with “( At 13years the schoolgirl the third eye >>) has opened<<" [sic], stapled to several double-sized (17x11) sheets of photocopied articles in Russian.

4) 161 double-sided, single-spaced pages of manuscript beginning with a large red-font header “The First Book / The man lives in other world after death” [sic], and ending finally with the para “Means, we have hope for the future. Nikolay, I shall keep in myself thy image, carry him in years. And now leave me. I do not wish to thee troubles at work. And before meeting… Before meeting…”


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