There Is No Rising or Setting of the Sun

Caught up on new books listings tonight, though I’ve already seen a couple more ‘major’ titles for the last week of March listing, and expect to see a couple more via Amazon orders before the end of the month.

I subscribed to the new Amazon Prime service a few weeks back, which for a flat $79 payment offers 2-day shipping service for a year, though the catch, as it turns out, is that delivery is restricted from weekends. That is: the two-day service works if you order on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but only those days… three out of seven… otherwise deliveries are delayed until past the weekend following your order. (If you order on the weekend, the order for some reason isn’t processed until Monday, so the earliest delivery day is Wednesday.) Still, for the number of books I order from Amazon, the annual cost savings is more than worth the initial fee. (You don’t think I get review copies of all these books, do you??)

I understand that the final Hugo nomination list will be released on Saturday….

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