Parsing Websites

Re: Cheryl Morgan’s latest Emerald City and her comments about this year’s Hugo nominations –

I didn’t mean to call the results into disrepute, or brand them silly, or pressure a fellow nominee to withdraw. My only point was that it is… curious… that there is a de facto overlap between the Best Web Site category and two or three of the other categories (as some SMOFs have observed) — Sci Fiction has the overlap with Ellen Datlow’s Best Editor nomination; Emerald City is both a fanzine and a web site (though there’s more on the web site than in the monthly ‘zine, a commentator to the previous post observed); and of course Locus Online has the tie to that venerable semiprozine Locus (which seems to have only a single editor this year). Is this right or fair? I’m not to judge — I’ll be the first to admit, as I’ve done in the past, that the success of Locus Online is due in large degree to its association with Charles Brown’s print ‘zine. A certain portion of the website’s content *does* overlap with the magazine — just look at today’s posts. At the same time, I’m resigned, no matter how much work I personally do on the website, no matter what innovations I create or unique content I commission, to being considered just a subsidiary of an established, perhaps tired, success story.

Which leads me to consider an announcement I will perhaps make… tomorrow.

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