Updated website indexes today — i.e. those to book reviews and interviews in Locus Magazine, and those to contributors to Locus Online — and posted a couple slightly stale market reports, received in late October. Every time I go on a trip for a week, as I did to World Fantasy Con, it takes me two weeks to catch up on the website.

One consequence of Amazon’s super-duper new search feature is that it can be more difficult to find book listings by title — especially when trying to confirm that such a listing doesn’t exist. Null search results are now replaced by hundreds of secondary results from searches of texts.

Spent the weekend shopping for furniture for the new (August) house and fighting a cold. An expected busy week at work failed to materialize when a planned CMMI assessment was derailed by the assessor’s illness and failure to arrive. (I don’t expect more than 1 or 2 of my potential audience to know what CMMI means; everyone else, don’t worry about it.) And I learned that an uncle of mine died last week; we were once quite close, though had fallen out of touch in recent years. Will be attending his memorial service tomorrow mid-day, then returning home to work on more book listings for the website.

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