I’ve not been as diligent lately about tracking upcoming movie schedules, or I would have made earlier plans and submitted a more complete Table of Contents blurb about the website for the magazine’s October issue. As it is, I blurbed an upcoming Rich Horton article doing an analysis of the magazine editors responsible for the most Hugo Award winners — an article which is almost ready to post but which will wait until a suitable space between movie reviews appears — and an upcoming review by Cynthia Ward of the Battlestar Galactica DVD.

Just in the past week, I’ve scheduled review coverage of two imminent films — Howard and Lawrence will cover MirrorMask, as their own schedules permit, and Gary Westfahl will check out Serenity when it opens this weekend. I confess I don’t always see all the films I have reviewers cover for the website, but I’ve heard enough buzz about Serenity and its predecessor Firefly (which I never saw when it was broadcast on TV) to have ordered the DVD set of same. In addition to the Battlestar Galactica set. Yet more.

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