Desert Sojourn

Over the weekend we dropped in on the Living Desert, a zoo and gardens in Palm Desert CA (just down the road from Palm Springs), about which I’d known nothing other than the name on the map. Worth a visit. The place had a respectable selection of live, mostly African, animals — one or more each of giraffe, warthog, leopard, zebra, and many many others… not to mention meerkats (they have a Name a Meerkat contest, open only to kids). And the most spectacular model train display I’ve ever seen or could have imagined. It was very hot.

We also went up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, which lifts you up 6000 feet in about 10 minutes to near the top of Mt San Jacinto (I always hear Peter Gabriel in my head when I’m in the area), in enormous 80-passanger tram cars, new since the last time 10+ years ago I was there, with rotating floors. And ate dinner at ‘Elevations’, the restaurant at the top, as the sun set on the valley floor nearly 8000 feet below.

We did not buy a time-share. Ahem.

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