Peopled & Published

The new November issue of Locus Magazine has arrived, and I find myself boldfaced in the Milestones section of the People & Publishing column for something I didn’t actually do, other than exist near a recent newsworthy event, i.e. the wildfires of just over a month ago that burned in the hills to the west of me. Actually the item features Laura Brodian Freas, who apparently lives even closer to those hills, and who (like me!) had fire ash settle on the streets and plants and cars. (Though living nearby, I’ve never met Laura Brodian, who hosts a local classical music radio program, or the late Kelly Freas, though I did see them once, several years ago, at a local restaurant…)

New Books posted today, with more piling up; five review copies arrived today, including four from Robert J. Sawyer Books in Canada, with several nominally November books already seen in stores and deferred until next post. I’m keeping up, mostly, though I fear to think what would happen if I actively solicited new books from publishers. Which I don’t.

Interesting: Blogger now requires members to key in the letters displayed in a graphic before letting you post. Have they been having problems with spammers, or robots..?

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