Norton, Barely

I’ve spent most of this evening trying, again unsuccessfully, to install an update to my Norton Antivirus software; I first tried a week and a half ago, on the weekend before World Fantasy Con, and ended up then submitting a support request to Norton. Now that my Antivirus software has expired, I tried again this evening to install the update, per the response from Norton; again it didn’t work, the install program hanging, the removal program provided by Norton apparently ineffectual. As of this moment I have no antivirus software installed on this computer at all; I’m living dangerously.

I mention this, despite my promise a while back not to whine in this blog about computer problems, only as an explanation for the 100+ emails still in my inbox, and the tardiness of the next ‘new books’ page. Everything is in work, time, and mundane constraints, permitting.

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