Plenty More Lists to Come

But that doesn’t mean — my previous post doesn’t mean — that future features won’t contain lists and statistics. Just that the next one won’t. My very own background project (long-time readers will know what I mean) will include all sorts of statistics and lists and rankings and whatnot. Even if they’re not entirely the point. Any year now.

I may or may not show up at LosCon, LA’s annual local convention, this weekend; that it’s held each year over Thanksgiving weekend, when many sociable people have family things to do instead, is the reason I’ve not attended in many many years. (The first time I did attend, way back in the ’80s, I witnessed a memorable on-stage mutual roast between Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg.)

Now, I’m pre-baking a dish for tomorrow’s feast. And listening to the new Philip Glass CD (Symph. #6). I’ll download tonight’s episode of Lost and watch it later. Today I received a big box of books from Amazon UK… my quarterly or so order, supported by website visitor orders via my online link… and will list received books in due time. Behind as always. Happy Thanksgiving.

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