Voting Sins, 2

Look people, if you submit a vote in the Locus Poll and enter the same title in every one of the ‘Best SF Novel’ write-in slots… not to mention the very same title in every one of the ‘Best First Novel’ slots… why, then, we’re not going to count your ballot at all. You broke the rules. The rules clearly state “Do not vote for the same work more than once” (though a first novel can also be voted for in the Best SF novel or Best fantasy novel category, true, but only *once* in each category). The tabulation process is automated, yes, but not that automated. Clear violations go into the bit bin….

Another 20 some ballots since my post earlier today. I don’t expect this rate to continue.

Today I finished setting up archive pages for 2006 posts — news, monitor, features, etc. The drop-down links on the homepage go to the new archive pages, and everything on the new pages flow to the previous year’s 2005 archive pages. I feel so much better now.

I’m fascinated by Andrew Wheeler’s post about reading a book a day — via various other blogs — because I’ve engaged in various schemes to document and metricize my own reading for most of my life, and never thought it was a subject to admit in public. Like one of those fetishes that, in this age of the internet, it turns out is not unique only to you. So, then, perhaps I’ll discuss this further, some time, maybe, in another post…

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