Open House

This past week I was busy cleaning and organizing the house, which included unpacking the last few boxes of books (that remained since our move 4 months ago), straightening the library annex/magazine room, putting up a Christmas Tree, etc., in preparation for an informal friends-and-family Open House party last weekend, on Saturday evening.

With such schedule pressure, I managed to finish unpacking the last few boxes of books! It’s been years since I’ve had virtually all my books unpacked and shelved for easy accessibility.

Now that that is over, my attention turns to the holiday season in progress, which involves the distractions of shopping and additional social events. Despite which, the website is relatively up to date. Upcoming in the next week should be a Claude L review; listings of new-in-paperback and classics-in-print books; and a compilation of best-of-2003 books. (Jonathan Strahan has kicked off this process in his blog.)

Jennifer Hall drove down here from Oakland to attend the open house (and visit other friends in the LA area), which I mention because she took some photos, one of which might actually turn up in Locus Magazine in the next month or two. And as always, I plan to return to regular updates of his blog in the very near future.

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