Links Portal update

I spent some time today auditing the Sf/F/H Magazines section of the Links Portal, discovering 8 or 10 newer titles that I’d neglected to add over the past year or so — including Postscripts, Subterranean, and Flytrap.

I also broke down and re-ordered the SF Blogs links by author, with just a few that are well-known by name or are group efforts listed at the top by title. I like the playfulness and individuality of many blog names, but it was getting so that even I, who maintains the list, had trouble remembering where in the list so-and-so’s blog was… I couldn’t remember all their titles. I did retain a bit of eccentricity by listing them alphabetically by *first* name.

Suggestions for additions to Links are always welcome — especially bloggers out there who comment provocatively on the field. My web surfing time has been especially constrained lately, and I’m sure there are bloggers out there I haven’t come across myself yet.

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