Checking in 16 Oct.

I’ve finished reading HPL, for now, having read all the solo works, the collaborative/revision works included in the major collections, and the introductions by various writers to numerous in-print editions of his works. (I’ve not yet read the other ‘revisions’ in The Horror in the Museum.) I’ll post a follow-up entry with my 2-cents worth reactions to this reading project in the next couple days.

I’m falling behind with new books to list on the website, due to schedule constraints (not dissimilar to my friend whose employer has blocked his internet access), on and off flu, and a seasonal surge in new books published. At the moment I have 40 new titles seen or received to list on the site. I’ll work on them tonight and tomorrow, and post some of them by tomorrow night, then try to catch up with the rest by the weekend, though in the long term I’m not sure I can maintain the rate of book listings on the site that I’ve been doing for several years…

Coming up this weekend, if all goes according to plan: not one but two reviews of The Prestige.

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