Spam Solution, for Now

I’ve given up — given up on trying to haystack all the mis- and mal-addressed email sent to It seemed a reasonable thing to do, to skim through it all in order to find the occasional legitimate email sent to Locus but somehow not sent to any valid address, and I’ve done this for several years now, but as it’s increased to 10K such emails a day, taking an hour to skim every two or three days, I’ve decided it’s not worth it. Life is too short. I’ll miss a few. Sorry.

Re: comment to a previous post: of course I realize that the ‘intermediates’ are automated robots. At the same time, I’ve always assumed that a fair fraction of the ‘visits’ to the website each day aren’t people with eyeballs, but just such robots. It’s because I’ve assumed that, that I’m surprised the compilations of active e-mail addresses and comment forms aren’t updated more often than they seem to be. Obviously one of my premises is flawed…

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