The cruise ship I’m on has an Internet cafe and even wireless service in areas of the ship. The wifi signal came up in my cabin, albeit weakly, too weakly to maintain a signal long enough to completely download the half-day’s e-mail. This meant that once I re-established the connection, my Pop3 server began downloading the half-day’s email all over again, from the beginning. Then the signal failed again. Later, the time allotment I’d purchased ($24 for an hour) ran out, breaking the signal one more time. Finally I accessed my inbox via the web-based email utility my hosting service provides, thinking this would be faster (at least I could delete those 2 and 3 Megabyte e-mails with photos attachments I’d already retrieved) forgetting that doing so moves the email to separate server for that purpose, so that I can no longer download any of it to my Outlook inbox on the laptop. Oh well. It’s remarkable I can do any of this, I suppose, out at sea, even if so far I’m only 26 miles from Long Beach. More tomorrow.

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