Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year, 2007. I had this past week off from work (my day job), as usual, though somehow between holiday and social obligations I didn’t actually catch up on things during this time as I’d hoped I might; as of today I’m overdue on no less that four book/magazine listings for the website, the annual update to the Awards Index is only 1/2 finished, and so on. The major accomplishment of this holiday break was to set up the Blogger-based blog for Locus Online features, to ease somewhat the posting of reviews and essays to the site and more importantly to enable the receipt of reader comments, without my having to process and format and upload comments from e-mails onto separate webpages. (And I did read a book or two; continued on next post.)

Still, the comment function is filtered in two ways: the ‘word verification’ function is turned on, to deflect comment spammers; and comment moderation is turned on, which means that when you submit a comment to one of those posts, it’s sent to me as an e-mail, for me to accept or reject (click or click), and only if I accept it will it appear on the webpage. This means if I’m not in a position to check e-mail, it might be a few hours from your comment submission until its appearance on the site; so it goes. (It also means I can’t *edit* your comments for spelling or grammar or length; oh well.)

It also means that anonymous commenters who have nothing more to say than “this guy is an idiot, his review is worthless” will not be accepted. At the very least, you need to sign your name for me to consider posting your comment.

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