Portal Update

I finished checking and updating e-zine and magazine links on the Links Portal page over the weekend (Friday night actually, sitting at home…), using news/fiction/reviews subdivisions instead of the left-margin letter tags… the new arrangement is probably more useful. I hope.

Upcoming on the site: I have a Gary Westfahl essay that has been patiently waiting the contingencies of Locus samples and current news events and responses to be posted. And a huge batch of comments from voters in the Locus Poll and Survey, comments both in general and to the special online-only query about attracted young readers to serious SF. Those items should be up within the next week or two.

Meanwhile, I’m reading PDF advance copies of two best-of-year anthologies that I will be writing reviews of to the published in Locus Magazine — my first reviews there in five years or so. More on this soon.

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