Up and Down Vermont, to Saratoga Springs

Arrived Saratoga Springs, and uncharmed by the hotel, which does its best to be invisible — from the street, hidden inside a bland ‘conference center’; as you enter from the front, trying to find reception, an unmarked counter; as you enter from the open parking lot in back, trying to find the elevators, which are in an inconspicuous corner by a door marked ‘no exit’. It took registration three times to get me into a room whose door worked and which wasn’t already occupied. And the wifi doesn’t work in my room; after two calls to their help desk (a hotel online provider called ‘stayonline’), they have no idea when they will get around to getting it fixed. Something about having to power cycle one of the access ports. So now I’m sitting in the hotel business center, while a janitor squirts windex on the table tops around me and, oops, on my glasses.

Oh, and my room has the world’s noisiest air conditioner.

Will try to answer urgent emails tonight, but no time for routines ones, or blink posts, etc. Tomorrow maybe, hopefully.

(Note that these posts from the East Coast are written, local time, three hours later than the timestamps you see, which are set to PDT.)

Update Wednesday morning: wifi seems OK today. More later.

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