Summer Cold; Design Thoughts

Running a bit slow this week, down sniffly and sneezy with a summer cold. Blinks pending.

Also compelled to contemplate design changes and polish to the homepage, in response to comments on this blog’s posts and to the Locus Survey Comments post. Those comments were concerned mostly with color schemes, graphics, and permalinks, not to mention general ‘clutter’, though specifics on what sites work better or how things could be made better on this site were sometimes lacking. The general trend for websites these days is to turn everything into a blog, with comment threads and datestamps and ‘permalinks’ that conflate the homepage posting with the item itself; I’m not inclined to wholly recast Locus Online in that direction. I do however recognize an opportunity to recategorize the content on the site and the way it is archived and accessed, via links and menus on the homepage. Rather than reveal the direction of my thoughts right away, I’ll simply invite additional inputs from anyone reading this post…

Inputs about links, permalinks, color schemes, graphics, or even (!) the content of the site. Resources are limited and I can’t promise grand reformations, but I take every comment and criticism seriously (perhaps too seriously).

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