Denvention 3 Day 5: Checking Out, Back Home

Not much to report as the con wrapped up. I had a flight out Sunday afternoon — had to be back at work Monday morning — and so wandered over to the convention center Sunday morning, to check for any breaking newsletters and to hang out at the Locus table in the dealers’ room for a while. But by 11:30 a.m. or so I headed back to my hotel to check out and find a SuperShuttle ($21 compared to $50 for a taxi) to the airport for my flight home.

The consensus among those people I chatted with was that Denvention 3 was an adequate convention, with nothing terribly wrong but nothing particularly special either. It was too spread out, perhaps, with the distances between the various hotels; I was at the Marriott, the Hyatt was the closest to the convention center, and the parties were at the Sheraton, and a couple three other hotels were further west, and commuting between these involved 10 or 15 minute walks, sometimes in muggy afternoon heat. Reminded me of the Philadelphia Worldcon in 2001, that way. I never did get to the 22nd floor of the Sheraton, where all the fan/bid parties were. But I had a good time, rewarding in various ways, anyway.

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