I Feel a Redesign Coming On

The balance of competing sections’ priorities isn’t right .. what with the new Roundtable and News Blog boxes. And the site doesn’t look enough like, say, the CNN or Slate of SF sites. More visual punch? Have been experimenting with a new layout this past week. You’ll see something soon.

2 Responses to I Feel a Redesign Coming On

  1. John O'Neill

    Holy cow. Didn’t you just DO a redesign? I’m still getting used to all the pop-up menus. There’s a lot of content to Locus Online… it’s still taking me a while to figure out how to find it all without thinking.

    John O’Neill

  2. Well, I refined the existing design, a year or so ago. This will be a more substantial restructuring of the homepage, with some consistent flow to secondary pages (many of which are stuck in the design of 5 years ago), and a revision of the pop-up menus. That’s all I’ll say for now.