This is only a test. In the event of a real blog…

Here we are still playing around with Blogger to see what it will do. It will do for the moment, I suppose. A good technique for building anything (especially something coded) is to start out small, make sure that works, then keep adding functionality (as they say) incrementally, each time verifying the result. Someday this blog might mature into something with comment threads and other such bells and whistles. For the moment it’s intended to serve as any easy-to-manage periodic editorial space for the Locus Online website.

Now, if I hit Enter twice, as I just did, does the resulting html get two break tags? One para tag? Or does all the text collapse into one big blob? Let’s see.

Answer: 2 break tags. Now let’s see what we can do about the clumsily large post title. Back to the template.

That’s a little better. I’m used to hand-editing all my html (with liberal use of copy and paste) and I’m still decoding the Blogger template’s style tags.

Mm, I guess I don’t like all this heavy color. Let’s try a different template. Or maybe I’ll build a new template that mimics the Locus Online standard page.. though not just now.

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