Roundtable Renovation

As promised in the previous post, the Roundtable Blog has now been recast to a format matching the rest of the site. A detail or two still needs adjusting, e.g. the Contributors list is offset a bit, because Blogger wants to format it as an unordered list, and I’ve managed to remove the automatic bullets but not yet the automatic indentation. So many little details…

I’m glad to see more activity on the Roundtable lately, especially in the comments. We’ll never be, I suppose, but the idea of the Roundtable has always been to attract the kind and volume of serious discussion that has been appearing lately. Always open for reconsideration is how to present this on the homepage; is the block beneath the current issue block appropriate? Should the Roundtable block be more or less prominent?

Next up: resetting the News Blog. After that: the next phase of the Awards Index expansion. (I have a topic I’ll post on the Roundtable myself, in the next couple weeks, based on some of the work I’ve been doing on those expansion projects.)

One Response to Roundtable Renovation

  1. Graham Sleight

    Just to say I do like the new layout. Many thanks for continuing to be the magus behind the scenes.