I’m not particularly aggressive about promoting Locus Online or obsessive about its usage statistics (since unlike Locus Magazine, Locus Online is remotely far from supporting anyone, however modestly), so when a couple days ago I stumbled upon a web search and ranking utility called Alexa, I had the suspicion that I’d belatedly discovered something that most netizens are already aware of. After all, there was Alexa already built into my IE toolbar (under Tools/Show Related Links). I just hadn’t clicked it before.

Doing so, I found that it shows the traffic rank of whatever site currently in the browser. So of course.. well, here’s a ranking of sites I frequently visit, or was curious about, without further comment. The only caveat is that Alexa ranks by domain name, not specific URL, so I can’t discover, for example, what the rank of Bruce Sterling’s blog is by itself (it’s part of, nor can I parse Locus Online from the Locus Index to SF or the Index to SF Awards.

Yahoo, MSN, Google, Ebay, Microsoft: 1-5
CNN 24
BBC 28
NY Times 66
Blogspot 406
LA Times 761
Salon 942
Wired 981
The Onion 1872 3293
Andrew Sullivan 8,020
Fictionwise 11,068
Arts & Letters Daily 12,316
Popdex 20,635
Boing Boing 21,346
PW 34,299
Locus Online 69,358
Neil Gaiman 82,844
Danny Yee 89,421
SF Site 103,937
SFWA 113,973
Electrolite/Making Light 134,582
Baen WebScription 162,999
SF Crowsnest 207,960
ISFDB 215,996
Asimov’s 470,818
Strange Horizons 485,973
Analog 632,765
The Alien Online 772,354
The Infinite Matrix 785,366
Tangent Online 1,300,900

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