The Light at the Bottom of the Inbox

Like most people, I suspect, who work on computers and who deal with sending and receiving e-mail as part of their jobs and daily lives, I seem to work in a perpetual state of backlog. I’m always behind. There are always dozens, if not hundreds, of e-mails in the inbox awaiting attention; there are always more listings to compile for the website, more reviews to post, more enhancements to install, more data to compile for the indexes.

Yet somehow, without having taken any particular action or made any particular resolution to do so, I have over the past weeks burned down the backlog in my inbox and, in the past few days, not once, not twice, but three days in a row have seen the very bottom of that inbox. The brilliant whiteness of the empty screen. This is such a rare event, I felt compelled to note it in this public manner.

At the same time, over the past two weeks, I’ve managed to maintain what I’ve always felt was an ideal standard for a website like Locus Online: to post something substantial every single day (with the possible exceptions of Sundays, a traditional day off). As with the inbox burndown, I mention this in a knock-wood manner; it is as if to mention it is to risk jinxing it. So we’ll see how long I can maintain.

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