Straw Daylight Desire

Spent some time today weeding the Links Portal page, under the SFFH news/reviews/fiction column, consigning several dead links, or year-or-more stale sites, to a little heap in the bottom left corner, where they will duly be swept away. At the same time, I mined several other sites for new links, and added them both under this heading, and the SF Blogs & Journals heading. There’s no exact science to this–I don’t add every possible link I see; I add those than within 30 seconds or so appear to be worth checking back on. (I suppose I’m old-fashioned about this, but what is it about bloggers who provide no clue about who they are or what their blog is ‘about’? Granted I don’t have a personal page myself… but… I have references.)

Cheryl Morgan has a nice post today about why a Best Website category would be worthy addition to the Hugo awards.

Working the past month’s magazines this week, to finish a Monitor page tomorrow, or this weekend at the latest. Then another New Books page. Somehow not enough new-in-paperback or classic-reprint titles seen this past month to warrant pages, so those will wait until third week of March or so.

(It’s what I’m listening to. No idea who the Eskimo is, though.)

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