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As I work various enhancements and expansions to the Awards Index site, and comparing the design and layout to various other prominent awards sites, I can’t help but noticing that the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards is seldom linked from other sites. It doesn’t seem to have much of a profile, or presence. I visit both the Hugo Awards site and the Nebula Awards site, for example, and notice, most obviously, that neither site has indexes to nominees; there is no way I can look up Connie Willis, or Neil Gaiman, and find out how many nominations or wins they have for those respective awards. You would have to search through the annual listings and tabulate them manually. Whereas the Locus Index to etc. has had such nominee indexes for a decade now. One might think proprietors of those other sites might have noticed. Apparently not. (Yet they do link to a couple other SF awards sites, which similarly lack indexing.)

Is this an issue of branding? Does the “Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards” sound too much like merely an index to the Locus Awards?

I am thinking in the direction of renaming/rebranding/re-URLing the awards index. Or is something else going on that such changes would not address? Comments welcome.

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