Updates and DownDates

About 370 Locus Poll ballots received so far; I compiled them Friday evening to see how the results are coming along. Leaders in a couple categories have changed since the first check, 300 ballots or so ago, and it’s fair to say that 5 or 6 of the categories remain too close to call. So don’t forget to vote. There’s a big red button installed on the homepage, at the direction of Locus Management, to keep reminding you.

I regret that I will be unable to attend ICFA this year, again, and Nebulas, though I’ve made the hotel reservation, are in serious doubt. Partly a financial issue, partly one of domestic interference.

Caught up on email today, including a couple items that made it to the homepage despite being a month or more stale. I’m hoping you’ll not be able to tell which they are.

Still have never seen McAuley’s White Devils in a physical book store. I bought mine from Amazon.

No, no word of the cat.

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