Elizabeth Hand’s Swan of Tuonela

Perhaps I should post more frequent, shorter posts. So let me do this, briefly, late in the evening before I retire: the best story I’ve read in the past month is, catching up a bit since it’s a story published a year and a half ago, nearly, Elizabeth Hand’s “The Far Shore”, first published in the October/November 2009 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It is to Jean Sibelius’ “The Swan of Tuonela” what Black Swan is to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”. And, if I were pitching it to a Hollywood executive, I would say, “The Far Shore” is, well, about a recluse in the woods, but it’s like Black Swan with a happy ending! Sorta ;)

One Response to Elizabeth Hand’s Swan of Tuonela

  1. Ha! Thanks, Mark! I just saw Black Swan over the weekend, and then watched Suspiria and The Red Shoes (one of my alltime faves) and was wondering why do all these ballet movies end badly??? A good argument for enrolling one’s daughter for Irish stepdancing lessons.

    ALl best,