ICFA Arrival

I’m in Orlando this evening, for this year’s International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, which I manage to attend roughly every other year or so. This year’s guest of honor is Connie Willis, who seems to be a particular draw — just as I was checking in this evening, someone came by the registration desk to say that the Thursday Guest of Honor luncheon — with Connie speaking — had been sold out. I seem to have gotten the last ticket.

Allow me to whine for a moment about how United Airlines somehow lost all of my seat reservations, for all four legs of my outbound and return itineraries. Still, on both legs to Orlando (via Denver), they managed to find window seats for me after all.

In other news, it’s not a secret I guess, but I’ve been one of the judges for the Lambda Literary Awards, in the SF/F/H category, and our decisions were announced today among all the other categories… works by McDonald, Lee, Berman, Adams, and Fletcher. Winner tbd.

That portion finished, I’m now commencing reading for *another* award for which I’ve been invited to nominate…

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